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Wine Trolling

Short movie shot with the Xacti as part of the 30 minute film festival. Our group had 30 minutes to concieve, shoot, and edit a short film.


Documentation of a Physical Computing project shot with the Xacti for a Com Lab assignment.

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Why I Love New York

Six reasons why I love New York. Abundant Eating Options Outgoing Wildlife Personal Funds Management Convenient Transportation Options Revolutionary Health Program Interactive Buildings

Photoshop and comic project to make a web comic by editing pictures. This is a comic realting strange stories from different people in our department made in collaboration with Yasser. CLICK on the images to get the story.

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Ours had some flaws that the class pointed out during our presentation, so I reedited it to better express our message:

Six reasons why I love New York.


Stop-motion animation and music made with my partner Lee-Sean.

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Music composed with my partner Lee-Sean. Vocals are all collected from an anti-bailout demonstration recorded by Lee-Sean.

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first page of storyboards first page of storyboards

Film inspired by Hepnova's Noir and designed, filmed, and edited by Lee-Sean, Kristin, Catherine, and myself, staring Lee-Sean and myself.

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Filming and Editing

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Falling dreams

After Effects animation promoting my Dreams project.

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