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There is no shortage of great ideas and projects at ITP. But there is often a shortage of class time to thoroughly develop the concept for a project and to communicate effectively about it in writing or orally in presentations. At some point you are going to have to pitch your projects to people outside ITP and this studio will help you gain the skills you will need. This studio is a complement to a production class -- each student brings a project from another class -- we take the time, often lacking in class, to learn how to focus an idea into a workable concept, and to practice and experiment with ways to present it. Writing is critical to thinking and design. So the writing you do helps you hone and clarify your concept and lay the basis for a smoother more effective design and development process. We work on the structure of presentations, public speaking techniques; how to write and design engaging and memorable presentations. We also work on written communication, which may include: grant writing, artist's statements and proposals.