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High Line close up of Walking Home

Walking Home

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While technology has enabled us to physically travel anywhere and communicate from any location, we still experience occasional pangs of otherness when we leave our families and communities. And in leaving a location, we maintain a sense of belonging to the point that we are concurrently inhabiting multiple environments. We carry with us past experiences, events, and environments. Some call it baggage. I call it experience. Walking Home is a vignette of one experience of dual presence.

Walking Home is a dress that plays sounds from a garden as the wearer negotiates the cityscape of New York. While walking in the dress, the wearer is in a transitional space between west coast and east coast, nature and city scape, family unit and individual--two environments, two coasts, two homes: New York City and California.

The dress plays recordings from the artist's garden in California taken by the artist's sister. These recordings are triggered by switches sewn into the dress. By moving in the dress, the wearer activates the switches. Thus, by walking in the dress, the wearer walks in two different environments: the physical cityscape of New York, and the audio environment of the artists garden in California.