Elizabeth Fuller

Adventures in ITP


Week 1

Tangent Game

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As a simple beginning exercise in generative thinking, we were assigned to create a simple set of rules for the class to follow. I wanted to take advantage of the medium of humanity by integrating a storytelling function. Thus, the tangent game:

While class is running* and if the instructor does not sigh, run the following set of rules: if a location is named, remain silent if you have not been there, else, tell a quick anecdote about when you were there. Break when interrupted. Priority runs clockwise from original speaker and iterates through circle until all have had an opportunity to speak or break when a new location has been introduced.

* Continue other class activities.

Week 3

Finite State Machine

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image of my FSM

This piece is my rendering of a finite state machine (FSM). A FSM is a model of behavior composed of a finite number of states, transitions between those states, and actions

Week 5

Order In Chaos

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image of my random

My random, drawing on Fermat's spiral.

Week 7

Dynamic Cookie Cutter

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cookies and cookie cutter

Cookies cut with the dynamic cookie cutter and arranged in a spiral pattern.

Week 8

Classical Elemental

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skirt on dressform

Skirt with random draping caused by embeded magnets. (Original skirt design)

Week 10

Buckminster Buns

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image of buckminster buns

An expression of chance and number progressions through creative cooking.


Moiré Dress

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image of the Moire Dress

Exploration of the duality of order and chaos expressed in the transcendent patterns of the Moire Dress.