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Projector shot with feedback on dress

Moire Dress

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Multimedia piece exploring moire patterns in fashion, photography, and video projection.

Moire dress explores the interplay of order and chaos through the breaking of a methodical stripe pattern on fabric, video, and projection with a subtle shift in alignment and how it creates an optical sense of something new and different. This project presents the dress as a physical piece of fashion, a silhouette in photography, and a video/projection performance of moire feedback loops.

A little over a year ago I was shopping with a friend who came across a particularly fantastic fabric. The base of the fabric was sheer but had solid stripes stitched through it. The patterns that could be caused by layering this fabric were so striking that I bought an extravagant amount that I thought I would hide away for a project that might come along. After completing my magnetic skirt, it struck me that the time may have come for me to retrieve the fabric and explore the aforementioned 'striking' patterns or moire patterns.

Thank you to Todd Holoubek for your guidance and inspiration, Jonathan Ystad for your masterful photography, and Daisy Evans for finding that fabulous fabric.